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BankCard Funding is a Direct Merchant Cash Advance Funder!

At BankCard Funding we offer a simple and innovative way to fund your business needs. A Merchant Cash Advance is quick and easy, there are no fixed monthly payments, and there are no personal guarantees.

BankCard Funding gives you the answers about a business cash advance with-in 24 hours, and the funds you need in as little as 5 business days.

The tightening of credit markets has made it even more difficult for independent merchants to stay competitive in today’s environment. Lack of cash flow is the number one reason that businesses fail to succeed, making profitability unattainable for many independent merchants.

Traditional lending sources such as business loans are costly, cumbersome, and often unavailable to most merchants, plus traditional lenders always look for collateral and personal guarantees. You now have the opportunity of obtaining financing without taking out a business loan but capitalizing on your business’ future credit card sales.

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